© Step Up 2013-2017. Step Up and the Step Up logo are registered trade marks of Nathalie Richardson trading as Step Up UK Further education Stacey Williams who has been a tutor at Step Up since the beginning has set up a full time theatre school for 16+ called Aelfa. The website is www.aelfa- ada.co.uk. The course is a continuation of what we do at Step Up for those who want to take it further. There is also a 10% discount for any student who has attended Step Up for more than 2 years. Menorca trip. Stacey will be taking some Step Up students for a trip to Menorca where she does a week of training ending with a performance for the local village. For more information contact Nathalie or Stacey. NEWS Term Dates (2018) Summer Blackheath - Saturday Ends - 7 July Blackheath - Sunday Ends - 8 July Autumn Blackheath - Saturday Starts - 15 Sept Half term - 27 Oct Ends - 8 Dec Blackheath - Sunday Starts - 16 Sept Half term - 28 Oct Ends - 9 Dec Lorem ipsum dolor STEP UP  PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL