© Step Up 2013-2017. Step Up and the Step Up logo are registered trade marks of Nathalie Richardson trading as Step Up UK NEWS Term Dates (2018) Summer Blackheath - Saturday Ends - 7 July Blackheath - Sunday Ends - 8 July Autumn Blackheath - Saturday Starts - 15 Sept Half term - 27 Oct Ends - 8 Dec Blackheath - Sunday Starts - 16 Sept Half term - 28 Oct Ends - 9 Dec Lorem ipsum dolor STEP UP  PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL Training at Step Up Singing As a singer I have worked hard to nurture and encourage all our students to develop their singing voices. We have some amazing singers at Step Up as can be seen on the achievements page. As well as covering various styles of music in the group singing lessons, students are encouraged to sing using harmonies and their solo talents are encouraged through our various solo concerts, Trinity Guildhall exams and our Annual All Stars contest. Those wanting to take their singing further have the opportunity to have individual lessons in addition to the groups lessons at Step Up. My belief is that you should work with the voice you have and not try to imitate other singers. We are known for producing exceptional singers who sing very naturally without forcing their voices. Drama Our drama teacher at Step Up are hugely successful directors, actors and playwrights. Their work with the children encourages them to think independently and work well as a team. Often the children give a lot of input into their devised work as well as staging musicals and full length plays. Every year each group does a Trinity Guildhall exam. Those who want to take their acting further do have the opportunity to have individual training in LAMDA. Dance We mainly do street dance at Step Up. When we have our shows we will teach the students dances in Musical Theatre but they will also be doing a street dance. Minica, who has been at Step Up for 16 years, is in the girls dance troupe Bodecia who reached the finals for Got to Dance and supported Diversity on their recent tour. She was also the lead role in Some Like it Hip Hop. Even if you are not the strongest dancer, both Tiffany and Minica are very experienced at helping and encouraging all the students to develop their dance skills and making a dance work both for the experienced and less experienced dancers so everyone feels that they are being challenged. Exams To see more on the Trinity Guildhall exams, please visit their website.